San Diego Sexual Abuse Defense

Few things stir up as many emotions as a charge of sexual abuse. People accused of this heinous crime often find themselves judged guilty of these charges even before a trial begins. It is critically important that those charged with sexual abuse contact an experienced and dedicated sexual abuse attorney immediately, because every second you delay is a second that your attorneys could prepare your case and protect your freedom and reputation.

California law defines sexual abuse as “the forcing of unwanted sexual activity by one person on another, as by the use of threats or coercion.” Sexual abuse can also take a number of different forms, such as institutional sexual abuse that can occur at schools, churches, retirement homes, or other such places where people congregate. It is not uncommon in today’s society for innocent mistakes and misunderstanding to snowball into serious incidents.

A sexual abuse scandal taints the innocent people accused of this crime. During the time after you are accused of sexual abuse, you wll most likely be confused by the enormous amount of legal paperwork involved merely to keep yourself out of jail. Employers sometimes get involved with these charges, and innocent people can quickly find themselves out of work due to baseless and false charges.

If you value your freedom, your assets, and your reputation, you need to consult the San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers to review your Sexual Abuse charges. You deserve to have only the best representation throughout your ordeal, and our lawyers understand that you are concerned about your standing in the community, so we handle each and every case with the discretion and expedience it deserves. We understand that there is nothing more important than your individual situation, and we strive to protect your rights with every means available. Contact us today.