San Diego Insurance Fraud Defense

Insurance is a fact of life for anyone who wants to participate as a full member of society in 21st century America. Car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, earthquake insurance, medical insurance, and life insurance are just some of the more common necessities, and many people rarely consider their coverage until a disaster strikes.

Unfortunately, insurance fraud frequently occurs due to innocent mistakes that stem from the failure of policyholders to properly understand their coverage and act accordingly. The enormous amout of paperwork involved in even the most basic policy is designed to overwhelm consumers, and insurance companies count on your ignorance to sometimes use your own policy against you. Furthermore, insurance companies are notoriously litigious, and they will attempt to prosecute what may seem to be minor oversights in judgment or bookkeeping.

Insurance Fraud can include false claims involving automobiles, personal injury claims and residential insurance claims. Deliberate arson, elevated disaster relief claims and staged car accidents are all examples of insurance fraud in San Diego. Insurance fraud can also stem from confusion over policy limits and coverage, and most people who much call upon their insurance are in a vulnerable and emotionally confused state, otherwise, why would they be seeking insurance reimbursement?

If you are the subject of a charge of insurance fraud you must take immediate action. Insurance companies and their partners usually have enormous assets to draw on, and unless your lawyer is ready to stand up and fight for your cause you will be almost immediately overwhelmed by paperwork, red tape, and legal motions.

Let the insurance fraud attorneys at Steigerwalt Law Firm help you understand your situation and form the best defense possible. We will you stand up to the insurance companies and secure the best possible judgment for your case. Contact the Criminal Defense Law Firm of Steigerwalt Law Firm to review your case today!