San Diego Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the most common forms of information crime in America today. With the proper access information, identity thieves can access a person’s bank account, mortgage information, credit card numbers, and even criminal and driving records. Clever criminals can even use your identity and social security number to manufacture completely new identities for illegal immigrants, terrorists, or other unsavory people who would normally have great difficulty obtaining civil services or even entrance into the country.

Criminals can steal identities in a number of shockingly simple ways. “Dumpster diving,” eavesdropping, intercepting important mail, researching public data in records halls, and simply stealing a purse or wallet filled with vital information are all common means of obtaining sensitive information. The Federal Trade Commission believes that almost 500,000 people are victims of what has become the most common form of fraud in the United States, and experts at most law enforcement agencies expect this trend to continue as our society becomes even more information-dependent.

Victims of identity theft often only discover their situation when collectors come calling looking for mortgage payments or credit card bills that are past due. Unfortunately by then it is often too late to undo most of the damage, and these innocent people often feel violated and confused about how they can reclaim the life stolen from them. It can take many years to repair the damage done through identity theft, and problems can still arise years later if the initial case is handled improperly.

If you or someone you know was the victim of identity theft, you must act quickly to avoid further damage to your records. A dedicated and professional identity theft lawyer can help you reclaim your identity and your life. Contact one today.