San Diego Credit Card Fraud Defense

Our digital computer age has made life simpler and more convenient for millions of people, but this convenience has enabled minor mistakes to multiply into traumatic and life-changing situations in a heartbeat. The availability of credit and credit cards combined with slowly degrading mail delivery and sorting standards can create ample opportunity for accidents to occur.

Credit card fraud can involve direct transactions with a bank, the illegal production of fictitious credit cards and the unauthorized use of stolen credit cards. Credit card fraud can also be charged when personal identity information is stolen to apply for credit cards in someone else’s name.

Identity theft can also cause innocent people to experience the headache and hassle of credit card fraud. Modern technology provides the means to steal an identity and commit all manner of crimes should your credit information fall into the wrong hands. Credit card fraud has become one of the most common crimes in 21st century America, and law enforcement experts believe that thousands more innocent people will be accused of these crimes in the years to come.

It is the right of every American to have a solid defense against any criminal charge, regardless of the crime or evidence. You risk your freedom, your finances, and your livelihood if you do not act quickly and get the best defense available to you.

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