San Diego Battery Lawyers

Although most often directly associated with assault, battery is a crime in its own right. Battery describes the incident of striking someone on purpose with the expectations of harming or disrespecting them. Unintentional contact, no matter how severe, is not necessarily battery no matter how great the harm.

Battery is also divided into several subtypes. These subdivisions usually include:

  • Simple battery: any nonconsensual, insulting, or hurtful contact
  • Sexual battery: battery in the context of a sexual situation
  • Domestic violence battery: battery that occurs in the home between partners
  • Aggravated battery: an offense that results in serious bodily harm

A battery charge reflects the severity of the damage caused by the act. A misdemeanor battery charge in San Diego usually has criminal consequences as well as liability for a civil lawsuit, while more drastic crimes can incur fines of up to $2000 as well as up to six months in a San Diego County jail.

Regardless of the severity of the charge, if you intend to receive the justice you deserve you need to retain a dedicated and experienced battery lawyer immediately. The longer you delay the less time your lawyer will have to prepare your case, and the more likely you will be forced to pay a severe and unfair penalty.

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