Kerry Steigerwalt

With over two decades of successful personal injury and criminal defense litigation experience, Kerry Steigerwalt has become one of the most well-known and demanded attorneys in practice today.

Mr. Steigerwalt is also highly respected by members of several organizations and associations dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured victims and the criminally accused. He has become a recognized authority in both civil and criminal law matters. With over 100 jury trials appearances, Mr. Steigerwalt has considerable courtroom experience.

Mr. Steigerwalt has also been a devoted criminal defense lawyer and has built a distinguished reputation in his practice. He has successfully defended numerous clients against capital murder charges and multiple “three strikes” cases, often producing unexpected and extraordinary results. Additionally, he possesses familiarity with virtually every form of felony prosecution.

Mr. Steigerwalt has also been honorably distinguished by receiving a “not guilty” verdict in every courthouse in the city of San Diego. Mr. Steigerwalt’s outstanding professional competence has been put to use outside the courtroom as well, with numerous appearances as a legal expert on programs including Court TV, 48 Hours, 20/20, and The O’Reilly Factor.

Many local San Diego news stations have also featured Mr. Steigerwalt as their bona fide legal analyst where he has provided guidance on notable legal proceedings such as the Michael Jackson trial, the Scott Peterson case, the David Westerfield case, and the Stephanie Crowe trial. He has also provided expert legal advice to several renowned publications including The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and People Magazine.

Mr. Steigerwalt has an ongoing commitment to continually assisting those in need of his services regardless of budget or type of case. He has assembled a paramount of select lawyers, paralegals, intake specialists, and associated support personnel to facilitate the effective representation of all injured persons and their families, accused individuals, and families who are faced with the threat of losing their home as a result of today’s economic crisis. Mr. Steigerwalt is dedicated to providing San Diego with a versatile and experienced law firm people know and trust. His chief undertaking here at Steigerwalt Law Firm is to staff San Diego’s most knowledgeable and compassionate legal support staff to provide real solutions to the immediate needs and problems of his clientele.

Bradley R. Corbett

While in law school Mr. Corbett gained invaluable experience working for the Los Angeles County and San Diego County Public Defender. At the Public Defender he assisted in 3 major felony trials, worked in the Juvenile court system, and worked on a high profile white collar crime case. Mr. Corbett also has experience in Family Law, Employment Law, and Personal Injury.

While at Steigerwalt Law Firm Mr. Corbett has successfully taken seven cases to jury trial all with favorable outcomes, including a serious felony case.

Mr. Corbett has experience with terminating probabtion early, expunging criminal records, researching and filing Writs of Habeas Corpus, working with law enforcement to prevent criminal charges and arguing 1538 motions. He is currently working on all types of misdemeanor and felony cases.

During his free time Mr. Corbett enjoys hanging out with his wife, wakeboarding, lifting weights and cheering for the Dodgers. (but we’ll forgive him)

His legal acumen, agrressiveness, and strong client interaction make him a valuable asset to the legal team at Steigerwalt Law Firm.

Jury Trial Results

  • 2nd DUI out of Long Beach- Hung Jury (Judge dismissed the case with prejudice)
  • 1st DUI out of South Bay- Count 2- NOT GUILTY
  • 1st DUI and Child Abuse out of Vista- NOT GUILTY on both counts

Jay S. Finnecy

Jay S. Finnecy is an attorney for the criminal division of STL.

Mr. Finnecy brings 15 years of experience as a criminal attorney to the benefit of his clients. Mr. Finnecy began his legal career in 1996 as a prosecutor with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.

Over a six-year period, Mr. Finnecy handled hundreds of criminal cases including over 30 jury trials. During his final two years with the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Finnecy was assigned to the J.U.D.G.E. Unit in North County where he prosecuted complex cases involving narcotics, gang violence, and probation/parole violators. In 2002, Mr. Finnecy opened his own criminal defense practice and has been successfully representing people accused of criminal offenses ever since.

Mr. Finnecy has earned the respect of prosecutors and judges throughout San Diego County because of his broad experience, legal knowledge, and professionalism.

Mr. Finnecy earned his law degree from the University of Pittsburgh and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he was active in student government and served on the University Center Governance Board.

Mr. Finnecy has been a featured legal commentator on KOGO AM-600, KFMB AM-760, and Court TV.

Mr. Finnecy is proud to have served on the faculty at Mira Costa Community College where he taught courses in Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Law, and Evidence.

Mr. Finnecy is a member of the San Diego County Bar Association, the Bar Association of Northern San Diego County, and California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ).